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We show adequacy theorems relating the first semantics to lớn deterministic schedulers, & the second semantics lớn probabilistic schedulers.
In the crucial issues of rhetorical cogency, expressive adequacy, và honest intent, such tools have no place.
What remains after these operations is to lớn include a measure of income adequacy among the key variables that constitute the concept of comprehensive post-productivism.
The adequacy of the (hemoconcentrated) volume replaced from the pump via the arterial cannula is judged by monitoring the left atrial pressure continuously during ultrafiltration.
This is shown using methods from denotational semantics, mainly adequacy theorems which relate the (given) operational semantics with the denotational semantics.
Of course, we assume that computational adequacy holds: the mathematical và operational meanings of the language coincide for terms of base types.
note that we incorporate here into the definition the properties of environments often referred lớn as consistency và adequacy.
This paper has confined its analysis to assessing the adequacy of compulsory savings khổng lồ finance retirement needs.
The adequacy of exposure is often best judged retrospectively, when the children are older & demonstrate mastery of both languages.
However, concern has been expressed about the adequacy of this approach as a way of accounting for specific instances of language alternation.
We first prove the adequacy with respect lớn the observational preorder, the other equivalences will follow easily.
On this construal of the enterprise of linguistic theory, the adequacy of one is closely linked to lớn the adequacy of the other.
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a room or building that is used for showing works of art, sometimes so that they can be sold

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