courage In addition lớn the idiom beginning with courage, also see Dutch courage; pluck up one"s courage.

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courage of one"s convictions, have the

courage of one"s convictions, have the Behave according to lớn one"s beliefs. For example, Carl wouldn"t give his best friend any of the chạy thử answers; he had the courage of his convictions. This expression is believed khổng lồ have originated as a translation of the French le courage de son opinion (“the courage of his opinion”), dating from the mid-1800s & at first so used. By the late 1800s it had changed to the present form.

Dutch courage

Idiom(s): Dutch courage
Theme: COURAGEunusual or artificial courage arising from the influence of alcohol.• It was Dutch courage that made the football tín đồ attack the policeman.• It will take a bit of Dutch courage to lớn make an after-dinner speech.

have the courage of one"s convictions

Idiom(s): have the courage of one"s convictions
Theme: COURAGEto have enough courage và determination to carry out one"s goals.• It"s fine to lớn have noble goals in life và to believe in great things. If you don"t have the courage of your convictions, you"ll never reach your goals.• Jane was successful because she had the courage of her convictions.

have the courage of one"s convictions|convictions|

v. Phr. To lớn be brave enough to lớn act according lớn your beliefs. Steve showed that he had the courage of his convictions by refusing to help another student cheat in the exam. Owen knew that Pete had started the fight, but he was afraid lớn say so; he did not have the courage of his convictions.

pluck up one"s courage

have courage鼓起勇气The small boy plucked up his courage và went upstairs in the dark.那个小男孩鼓起勇气摸黑上了楼。He plucked up his courage to ask her khổng lồ marry him.他鼓足勇气向她求婚。In times of difficulty we must not thua sight of our achievements,must see the bright future & must pluck up our courage.我们在困难的时候,要看到成绩,看到光明,要提高我们的勇气。

screw up one"s courage

Idiom(s): screw up one"s courage
Theme: COURAGEto build up one"s courage.• I guess I have to screw up my courage & go to lớn the dentist.• I spent all morning screwing up my courage to take my driver"s test.

screw up one"s courage|courage|pluck|pluck up|pluc

v. Phr. Khổng lồ force yourself to lớn be brave. The small boy screwed up his courage & went upstairs in the dark. When his father came home in a bad mood, it took Pete some time lớn screw up his courage and ask him for a dollar. Compare: WHISTLE IN THE DARK.

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To have the courage of your convictions

If you have the courage of your convictions, you are brave enough to do what you feel is right, despite any pressure for you to do something different.
To all intents and purposes lớn be as thick as two bricks to lớn be dog cheap to lớn have the courage of your convictions to lớn little avail to lớn the end of time Tomorrow"s another day Too big for your boots Too big for your britches
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